VanderLinde is a Dutch rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands.

style: Rock - Americana - Folk Rock - Country Rock


The recording of the eighth VanderLinde album took place in the beautiful Waimes, located in the Belgian Ardennes. With the thirteen-track album ‘Muy Rico’, the band will return in 2021 inspired with songs that highlight our vision of today’s society.

Blood creeps where it can’t go and producer Erwin Musper (Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Van Halen, Chicago, Def Leppard, Anouk) has decided to take the plunge once again.

In addition to a fantastic band with VanderLinde members Wietze Koning, Christof Bauwens and Fokke De Jong (Normaal/KOTW), Arjan van der Linde has gathered a number of top musicians around him to sprinkle a unique sauce over it. The American Venice, Roel Spanjers (Frédérique Spigt/Normaal), Bart Schwertmann (Kayak), Léon Klaasse (Powerplay/The Pilgrims) and Dana Keller (Marvin Gaye/Stevie Wonder) can also be heard on the new album.

VanderLinde’s pop/rock/country style takes you back to the 1980s Crowded House, the 1970s CSN&Y, the 1960s The Beatles, and back to the present day of John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

In recent years, VanderLinde has mainly performed abroad. The band also toured in support of Fish (Marillion) and Bobby Kimball (TOTO) and performed at the Kunst!Rasen festival in Bonn in 2019. Fish, Jethro Tull and Riverside could also be admired here.
German radio stations such as NDR2 and WDR3 embraced the band years ago. Reviewers praise the albums released in the past and, as icing on the cake, the band even received a review in Germany’s largest magazine ‘Der Spiegel’.

Composition 2022:
Arjan van der Linde: Bass Guitar, Guitar and Vocals
Wietze King: Guitar
Christof Bauwens: Guitar, Resonator, Lap Steel and Vocals
Fokke De Jong: Drums and vocals



Vanderlinde are the epitome of a musical potpourri of excellently played songs different characteristics. While the title track "Muy Rico" begins calmly and carefully, will start with the soulful-bluesy "Forty Millions Miles" the energy level gradually raised before with, Suicide Shower" a real smasher follows. Unite in the vigorously forward whipping number dark broken chords with unexpected chord progressions in an ideal song structure. on Muy Rico has a lot to discover between powerful blues, rock and folk numbers. Nice just because of the brilliant "Suicide Shower" an urgent check-out is announced!

Anyone who likes versatile adult rock should definitely try the playful "Etched In Skies Of Blue". "Suicide Shower" with its great atmosphere, the hopeful "Norwegian Mood" or the nicely relaxed "When Hands Turn To Fists" despite its title.

"VANDERLINDE simply make tasteful songs, with lots of small details composed and sophisticatedly arranged, in short: timeless music. By Erwin Musper (including Van Halen, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Scorpions, Chicago, Metallica) differentiated and produced staged in an airy manner, the album is wonderfully suited to oneself in the dark season of the year to bring the lightness of a mild summer evening back into the living room."

All in all, this is music to enjoy, mostly to pause for a moment, but always one Fat recommendation for fans of the above-mentioned superstars of the international rock scene with their quieter pieces. So it's about time that this group gets more attention, there there are no two opinions!


08/07/22Leeuwarden, FrieslandPrinsentuinNetherlands
08/10/22Wyk auf Föhr,PitschisGermany
08/11/22Hamburg, HamburgCowboy und IndianerGermany
08/13/22Gross LindowOpen AirGermany
08/14/22SaarbrückenSonntags ans SchloßGermany
08/19/22RodalbenStadtfest RodalbenGermany
08/20/22RodalbenStadtfest RodalbenGermany
09/17/22RodalbenZur alten BurgGermany
10/20/22StraubingThe RavenGermany
10/21/22SchmöllnMusic ClubGermany
01/14/23Anderen, DrentheNijend 24Netherlands
03/28/23Hoogezand, GroningenKielzog TheaterNetherlands