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Managing expectations

Time, money and good are the three elements that are always part of the conversation when an artist or band knocks on our door in the studio. And actually they always have the same question or expectation.

What they allude to is the question, “Can production be shot quickly at the highest possible quality on a tight budget?” These three criteria are seamlessly linked, but they do have an effect on each other. See the picture attached to this blog. Here you immediately see that it is unreasonable for the band or artist to get all three criteria. In practice, two elements will be the most important.

We explain the consequences for the choices to our customers and the project is started on the basis of the choice.

Cheap and fast = low quality

Good and fast = expensive

Good and cheap = takes time

Expectations management

Cheap and fast (low quality)

“Cheap is expensive” is a well-known saying that certainly counts here. Of course it sounds tempting to record full-band demos for low budgets, or do some hobbies at home. Because with the current software it quickly sounds reasonable. But is reasonable enough for your ambition?

The result is often a recording that is not only of low quality, but also immediately classifies you as an amateur in the eyes of the industry professionals. “You never get a second chance for a first impression.” Spending less money on a withdrawal is the same as throwing that money away. Fast and cheap is without a doubt the combination with the most chance of disappointment or worse. This also often leads to doing things twice and you will spend more money for the same.

Good and fast (expensive)

This is usually used by the major record labels and publishers. All resources available are used for production, the best equipment, the most talented session musicians, a large promotion and marketing budget. As a result, the album is ready in a relatively short time, but comes with a large budget.

Good and cheap (not fast)

Ultimately, this is what most customers choose. A pitfall is that this requires patience. As a band you also have to make concessions in the investment in time. Artists often knock on the door who, in addition to their ambition, also have a full-time job. If you want to record in the studio after your daily work, you are always in the expensive studio time, because these time slots are very popular. But invest in days off at work and you can use the studio during off-peak times at attractive rates. The preparations also take more time because you have to do everything yourself. In addition, a combination of home and studio recording is also a budget determining factor. This will all be discussed with you in the preliminary phase. We will look at how we can get the best result from the available budget.

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