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Rolf Kaulard & Orkest (James Last)

Music has to be fun and entertaining and someone who has always played and carried that out was James Last. And exactly this idea, this style and especially his music, Rolf Kaulard with his orchestra turned into an evening full of 60s and 70 hits from the same James Last. Book Rolf Kaulard plays James Last here.

The 13-piece band, led by the musician Rolf Kaulard presents a professional show with musical gems from operetta to pop, from the Bay of Biscay to Russia and from the beach to the mountains - they take the audience on a tour musical journey.

The orchestra plays songs by James Last from the 60s and 70s and with great attention to detail. The band makes the brass pop and the percusion resonates and so the sound and music of James Last from this time is played with the characteristic simplicity and the characteristic rhythm.

What worked in the 70s, still works today and based on this music you can cut, flip and dance with your fingers - perfect for an audience that would like to let go. The band is only satisfied when they have been able to light the public.

James Last was the master of the "I get good sense" music in big band sound! That is why Ralf Kaulard's goal is to honor this maestro, who has inspired millions of people with his legendary interpretations, with some of his greatest successes. Rolf Kaulard and Orkest offers her audience a show that is almost indistinguishable from the original.

Size: 16 pax
Length: 2 x 50 minutes
Costs: on request

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