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Neil Diamond Memories Band

You have top artists and artists who rise above this. Neil Diamond is one of them and singer / entertainer Marcel Mulders has always admired him. From this admiration arose a dream early ... to set up a Neil Diamond Tribute Band. Not just one but one with international allure. Book Neil Diamond Memories Tribute Band here.

That dream became reality in 2017. A band with top musicians was formed: The Neil Diamond Memories Band. Eleven experienced and passionate musicians, who have gained a lot of experience in theaters, festivals and various musical projects. Marcel is a bandleader and he is a frontman in the skin of Neil Diamond.

The shows and songs of Neil Diamond from the seventies have made a big impression on all band members. They want to bring back the atmosphere of the legendary concerts Hot August Night and Love at the Greek.

In America, Australia and Canada weekly tribute bands of this world star can be seen and in Europe you hardly ever encounter them. Fortunately, there is now the European Neil Diamond Memories Band.

Neil Diamond has been active in the music industry for over 50 years and has sold more than 130 million records. The American living legend owes its international success to its charisma, a strong live reputation and of course a mountain of immortal hits. 'Sweet Caroline', 'Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon', 'Solitary Man', 'I Am ... I Said', 'Cracklin'Rosie' ... The list is endless, the songs are timeless.

The Neil Diamond Memories Band from the Netherlands has now performed several shows and with great success! An evening full of beautiful memories, atmosphere, warmth, the life of Neil and many hits in a real 70's atmosphere. Because of this fantastic experience the audience is sucked into these years.

The band gives a more than two-hour theater show supported with video images with images from the seventies. The Neil Diamond Memories Band wants to give the viewer the feeling that they have stepped into a time machine to the 1970s. As if they are live at one of Neil Diamonds big concerts.

Size: 11 pax
Length: 2 x 60 minuten
Costs: on request

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