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Joss Mennen

It's all about the music, which includes a full-length program in which Joss Mennen and his band describe his career as a musician. He does this in his own musical way.

Joss Mennen breaks internationally in 1987 with the band Zinatra. For more than six years, hit listings and tours around the world. This is followed by the band Mennen, with which he has been working for almost two decades and publishing no fewer than seven albums.

In 'It's all about the music' beautiful anecdotes and especially the songs tell Joss' musical story. All decades are covered, from the very beginning with the band Zinatra and Mennen until the present. Joss Mennen takes you along the highlights but also the lows and setbacks get a place in the show. According to Joss, these belong to a life in which the passion for music and the pursuit of a dream is number one.

Famous songs that inspire him are interspersed with songs from his own repertoire. Think of tasteful arrangements by Elvis Presley, The Police, Iron Maiden, Queen, Joe Jackson and last but not least the Zinatra hit 'Love or Loneliness'.

Size: 4 pax
Length: 2 x 60 minutes
Costs: on request

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