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De Laatste Magische Zonnestraal De Laatste Magische Zonnestraal

Last Magical Sunburst

An interactive children's theater performance with a mix of magic elements, singing, theater play and dance. The performance moves the children into...
Hanssi Kaiser Hanssi Kaiser

Hanssi Kaiser's Schlagershow

Hanssi Kaiser has a new hobby. Born in Germany but living in the Netherlands for years, the blood creeps where it can not go. He wanted to combine...
Rolf Kaulard & Orkest (James Last) Rolf Kaulard & Orkest (James Last)

Rolf Kaulard plays James Last

Music has to be fun and entertaining and someone who has always played and carried that out was James Last. And exactly this idea, this style and...
Neil Diamond Memories Band Neil Diamond Memories Band

Neil Diamond Memories Band

You have top artists and artists who rise above this. Neil Diamond is one of them and singer / entertainer Marcel Mulders has always admired him....
Diner Acoustique Diner Acoustique

Diner Acoustique

Music will always be connected with emotion and beautiful stories and of course this also applies to food. From the passion for music, Rock Inc...
Joss Mennen Joss Mennen

It's all about the Music

It's all about the music, which includes a full-length program in which Joss Mennen and his band describe his career as a musician. He does this in...

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