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6004 HT, Weert - The Netherlands

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Power by Creativity are forced to get the best out of yourself
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A kind of Homecoming
...recording in a friendly atmosphere where time is not a factor
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The music studio is especially praised for its atmosphere “A Sort of Homecoming” and the musical qualities of the people behind the buttons. Songs are not just recorded, but as an artist you are helped to get the best out of yourself.

We can do that in our studio to withdraw, to blend and mastering in stereo or full 5.1 surround and produce, compose and arrange we make music on commission.

The recording studio is located in Weert - Limburg near Eindhoven in Brabant near the A2. So easily accessible.

Medea - Eternally Young
GT Thomas - Song of the disappeared mills
Eddy - Half Moon
Burning Stash - Mad Days
Boom Like That! -Money for Nothing
Joss Mennen - Verhoeze
Wendy - Live Love Laugh
Mental Shift - Back to Live
Harold K. - Anna in the Wind
Rapper D - Koeempels
Rebjie - Soldaot
Rock Inc. Recording - Powered by Creativity
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More than 20 years of experience

The music studio or also recording studio was created in 1999 to use for realizing your own productions. However, over the years, more and more artists and bands started working here.

The songs are recorded, mixed and mastered from the first note to the final product in peace and quiet and in a professional environment.

If you want to get the best out of yourself in an environment where you feel at home, make an appointment and come and have a look.

Beads and mirrors

In the past, beads and mirrors were used to seduce Indians. Recording studios still do it a lot to entice customers. Large lists of equipment and microphones just to show what they have. But can they also work with it? We believe that the equipment and microphones do not matter if the studio itself has insufficient experience. Good equipment only contributes to the end result but does not guarantee a good end result.

Of course Rock Inc. works. Recording with the right equipment and microphones. We have various options available Sennheiser, Shure, AKG and Beyerdynamic microphones, but we also have two handmade microphones from Peluso and Charter Oak. The eavesdropping takes place with Dynaudio monitor and work with Pro Tools with, inter alia Waves, Plugin Alliance, BrainWorx plugins. 

So much for our beads and mirrors…….