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Ode to the IT specialist

It was a Monday morning when the phone rang at the offices of Rock Inc. A tour manager speaking in English dialect said that his band was looking for a studio in Weert.

They had a gig in Music center De Bosuil and a few days off prior to this concert. They wanted to spend this time working on new song material in the studio. The question was whether they could come to us on Wednesday and Thursday. We would be called back after an explanation of the options and costs.

After checking the Bosuil site, we discovered that it was Manfred Mann. So it happened that on Wednesday morning the band was with us, supplemented by Eric Coenen on bass. A live set-up was created in the large recording room, where the band jammed on the song ideas of Manfred Mann. Everything was registered in Protools. It was an educational and interesting day. The musicians left early in the evening. Manfred Mann was satisfied and also booked extra studio time on Friday for drum recordings for a new song, which he had already recorded largely in the UK. The tour manager stayed to chat for a while in the control room. It was full of fun band anecdotes.

At one point he handed us a hard drive, asking if we wanted to put all the recordings of that day on it. The drive was connected to our system and then things went wrong. The system went haywire and the screens went black. The damage became apparent after restarting the system. One of the hard drives, containing, among other things, the recordings of that day, was no longer readable and gave a serious error. With thoughts of the other ongoing projects, which were also on this disc, the panic was great. As relaxed as possible, we managed to reassure the tour manager and told him that the disc would be fixed again the next day.

After he left for the hotel, a campaign plan was made on how we could best tackle this problem. In addition to being an engineer and musician, Bart van Geleuken is also the IT specialist within Rock Inc. Entertainment. The next day he calmly analyzed the problem with the drive and eventually managed to rescue the long-lost information. Ultimately, Manfred Mann got his recordings that day and, in exchange for a photo with the maestro, a ride to the hotel, where he got ready for the show at De Bosuil that evening. Show less

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