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More room for creativity

It has often been said that in digital time work the possibilities are endless.

The same goes for creating sounds. There are fantastic plug-ins of the most legendary synthesizers, organ sounds and pianos, amplifiers and sample libraries. The combinations of these deliver surprising results every time.

Joss Mennen says: When we had a keyboard session in Zinatra's time, it was quite an undertaking. I can remember that in the morning keyboardist Koen van Baal arrived at Wisseloord with a lot of important synths. These were all taken to the control room and placed upright on the side against the wall. The instruments were all linked together by means of midi. The audio signals of each synth were each given its own channel on the SSL mixing desk.

By sliding the different instruments together, they searched for the right sound for the song in question. It seems clear to me that this was a time-consuming operation. I sometimes think about this when I'm arranging or during an album production. Stacking sounds from different instruments is now so easy, there's more room for creativity and experimentation.

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