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Where artist shine! what YOU are good at and that is being creative and making music.
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Developing productions
...we are mainly creative and help artists realize their dreams.
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We support creative people engaged in the performing arts. In the field of management, advice and development of productions.

Our main focus here is to help and guide artists. We develop productions and theater shows and plan full concert tours.

Experience shows that the passion and drive of artists often causes them to forget their business importance. We try to guide artists in their business decisions.

Do what you can do!

You have to do what YOU are good at and that is being creative and making music. Let others worry about everything else and that is exactly what we do. You just have to make music.

Being heard

The only way to get attention is to perform a lot and combined with a tight promotion plan is to get your music noticed. We are happy to help you achieve that ambition.


Organizing, writing to theaters or pop venues, drawing up contracts, getting fees paid, contact with sound and light companies and, last but not least, good administration. We are happy to help you by giving advice.


An artist or band cannot do without good management. Things like mentoring, career planning, promotion, TV appearances, contact with the record company are essential to the success of any act.

We support in:

  • Send demos to labels, radio stations, the regional press and online publications. We use our network;
  • We are not a booking agency but we will contact our network to bring you to the attention of our network;
  • Support with studio recordings and show rehearsals;
  • Exploring the financing options;
  • Negotiating financial deals with labels;
  • Oversee other people working for the artist or band such as accountants, agents and merchandisers.

Tour Management

Supervising other people working for the artist or band such as accPerforming is an art in itself, but organizing the show around it well is the superlative. If you want something more, a professional team will have to be ready for you that can implement your ideas. ountants, agents and merchandisers.

  • Stage and lighting plans must be made;
  • Production and promotion plans should also not be missing;
  • Staging (mise-en-scene) will have to be viewed with or without a director;
  • Personnel will be assembled who can supervise the production;
  • If the production is carried out in several places, it will have to be relocated;
  • Arrangements must be made with sound and light companies;
  • Which backline are you going to use;
  • Is the performance in a theater or pop stage.

And so we can make a much longer list, not to mention the commercial agreements that have to be made with the halls or theaters. We can carry out the entire production for you.

Running Productons
The following productions can be booked throughout the year for theaters, pop venues and festivals. Click on “Read More” for video and audio fragments.
stadi-M | Alternative Electronic Rock


Making music unpretentious. Thus began the new musical challenge of the band stadi-M. For the musicians (Joss Mennen on vocals and bass, Bart van Geleuken op

The Last Magical Sunbeam

The Theater Chest

An interactive children's theater performance with a mix of magic elements, singing, theater play and dance. The performance moves the children into the fantasy world of August Greene. a magical

Bibo Show - Songs from then to now

Bibo Show

An appealing music and dance show for children, based on well-known Dutch children's songs in a different way, more of today. Do you want to work with