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We often get questions from bands and artists about what is actually the job of a producer. Although this is quite difficult to capture in a sentence, I'm going to try: A producer is a coach, extra band member, monitors the budget, caterer and maintains a helicopter view of the entire production.
These are all things that the band could arrange itself, but it is very nice that you, as an individual band member, can focus on your part in the process.

It is important that you agree in advance what role the producer will play in your album production. The producer as a coach has the task of bringing out the best in you as a musician. He is objective and will always keep an eye on the end goal. When difficult choices have to be made in a band, it is always nice to have an “extra band member” present who thinks along and is able to hold a mirror up to the entire band.

Creativity knows no time and, especially in the digital age, the possibilities in the studio are endless. This makes it very easy to lose sight of the end goal. More studio time also means a higher final invoice. In the middle of the recording process, as a musician you are not concerned with that at all, because the sky is the limit and you want to create a world album. At that moment it is very nice to have someone who monitors the budget.

The atmosphere during the recording days is of course largely determined by the work that takes place in the recording studio. However, taking a moment of rest in time and eating good food is also important and certainly contributes something positive to the end result. Socializing while eating improves the atmosphere and matters can be discussed that are not really discussed in the studio.

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