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Hanssi Kaiser Schlager Tribute Show

We are writing the 1970s Germany: the DDR, Berlin and the Wall, Mercedes Benz, Franz Beckenbauer, Willy Brandt, Tatort, Derrick and above all ... the ZDF Hitparade with Dieter Thomas Heck!

The Netherlands enjoyed the songs of Udo Jürgens, Costa Cordalis, Jürgen Marcus, Cindy & Bert, Chris Roberts, Marianne Rosenberg, Heino and of course Dennie Christiaan and our own Rudi
carell. We all know them: “Ich bin verliebt in die Liebe”, “Schön ist es auf die Welt zu sein” or “Ich bin wie du”. And what about nostalgic TV tunes by Derrick, die Biene Maja and
Sendung mit der Maus?

Hanssi Kaiser and his orchestra treat us with a benevolent wink and in an appropriate 70s decor with ditto outfit to an inimitable 'Reise in die Vergangheit' and bring the hits of the German stars of the 70s on stage once again with her “ Schlager of the 70's”. Not only fans of the genre, but also those who were less charmed by it at the time, will now be able to enjoy this uber-authentic schlager show. For some it is as if time has stood still and for others it is one of the best guilty pleasures ever.

Relive the German Schlager hits of the 1970s live on stage. The band's decor and clothing take you back to the 1970s. In the Hanssi Kaiser's Schlagershow she plays the 70's schlagers in combination with many well-known tunes from TV shows. They keep the momentum going, improvise and ensure interaction with the audience.

The Hanssi Kaiser Schlagershow is an unexpectedly festive program that provides a unique picture of the musical culture in Germany in the 1970s. But above all it is a music party with
uncomplicated singing and swaying by young and old. It was completely different!

We can be booked all year round to take care of”One Journey in the Vergangheit” because secretly there is always that desire to be able to dance along and sing along to the German Schlagers of the seventies for an evening. As if time has stood still. Ready for a new experience and original Schlagershow, book this mega sing-along party. There's only one way to go… book that show.

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