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Musicians are usually very passionate and believe in their songs and ideas before 200%. This feeling is often correct, but it also happens that it obscures the view of reality.

Engineer/producer, Joss Mennen says:
Passionate drive can make a big impression. I can remember the band's first studio experience Krezip to remind. As an engineer I was responsible for the registration of the very first Krezip songs.

Jacqueline Govaert, I estimate about 15 years old, entered the studio and immediately disappeared into the recording room. She got behind the grand piano and immediately started singing her own songs with conviction. The self-assurance and stubbornness that emerged during the recordings were completely justified. Everyone knows how this ended.

However, the opposite is much more common. A guitarist who bought a Peavy 50150 because he wants to sound like Eddy Van Halen. Or a band wondering in the studio which song will be their hit single. A drummer enters the studio prior to recording his band with a Nickelback CD saying that he wants to sound like this and if I can make it happen. I reassured him and told him that if he plays exactly like Nickelback's drummer, it's no problem.

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