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Since digital technology entered the recording studio, a lot has changed. The possibilities in the field of editing and the range of plug-ins are unprecedented.

As well as the overdub possibilities. There was a time when everything had to be recorded on 4, 8, 16 or 24 tracks. Working with slave tapes and linking recorders made it possible to expand the number of tracks available. During the recording process, the focus was mainly on the best performance. Because opportunities to polish imperfections were limited.

Today, this focus is often easily forgotten.

You can pretty easily make a drummer sound good and drum really tight.

You can easily provide a singer who cannot sing with a flawless tone and perfect timing.

A guitarist who plays a riff and then shouts “let Protools do the rest” is also a good example.

Despite the infinite technical possibilities, however, it is still about the music. Capturing the chemistry of a band. The story, told by the musician, is captured in an honest way. There is at Rock Inc. still the focus. It is a bonus that the unprecedented possibilities help to dot the "i", save time and, above all, stimulate our creativity in a new way.

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