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A step forward

“a sort of home coming” has actually become our regular slogan since we moved the studio in 2009 to the basement of an old egg processing factory. The goal was to create a place where there is complete creative freedom and where the focus can be completely on making beautiful things. We also thought it was important to get rid of the youth center image. The foundation for Rock Inc. Entertainment was in fact laid when the rehearsal space of rock band MENNEN gradually transformed into a recording studio. Pin ups and old furniture gave way to design and a balanced color palette. Industrial elements were tastefully retained.

This created an environment where musicians and artists felt safe and at home. There was such a positive energy that people wanted to get started immediately after entering. Our mission was accomplished!

In 2020 we started looking for a new location for Rock Inc. A difficult assignment in a year where COVID reigns. Moreover, the biggest challenge was to find a building where we could achieve the same atmosphere and appearance as at the old address. Finally, our eye fell on a former TPG post office building. We had to roll up our sleeves a lot for several months. This time there was nothing to fix. Transforming chilly and corporate office spaces into a creative place, that was the challenge.

Meanwhile, the first creatives have come to taste the atmosphere and the general comment is; “There is a much nicer vibe here than at the old location”. Are we still a step forward?

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