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This song for you

Zinatra was originally formed back in 1986. They released their debut album in 1988. After two albums, ‘Zinatra’ and ‘The Great Escape’, the band stopped in 1992 and each member went their own way. Fans always asked for a new recording ever since and now it just happened that Joss Mennen and Ron Lieberton met and decided to release a reunion single.

So especially for this reunion event we hope that you will like the single! It will be released on June 21th on all major streaming and download sites. ‘This song is for you’ is a recording of a song which only existed as a demo. It originates from the time when Ron and Kelly wrote new songs for the band. Joss, Gino and Ron are, for this special occasion, accompanied by Henk Lieberton and Ronald Jeurissen.


This song is for you written by Ronald J. Lieberton / Kelly

  • vocals: Joss Mennen
  • guitars: Gino Rerimassie
  • keyboards: Ron Lieberton bass,
  • additional keyboards: Henk Lieberton
  • drums: Ronald Jeurissen
  • recorded at RonsHouseOfSound (Schalbruch) and Rock Inc. Recording (Weert)
  • mixed and produced by Ron Lieberton
  • mastered by Bert van Oudenaren for Soundfidelity
  • graphics: Bob Strik
  • logo design: Ron Lieberton

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