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Core values and knowing what you stand for

Some time ago we at Rock Inc. Entertainment sat around the table and brainstormed why Rock Inc. Entertainment in this world is and what we want to achieve. This has led to a number of choices in the way we work and the assignments we want to work on. This is what inspired our mission and core values, and this is our yardstick by which we hold ourselves.

As a result, we no longer say yes to everything. But that's okay. Your own identity and staying true to your mission and core values. Everything to get the best out of our customers and ourselves.

And when a beautiful production is ready, everyone should know that too. Starting with entering our company. Here we have the famous “We Are Proud Of This” cabinet. Here are a number of album productions that we have worked on with pride.

Will you be next?

Our #HEY'RE PROUD cabinet -start the video to see what's in it now. Will you be next?


Rock Inc. Entertainment wants to realize the dreams and ambitions of people involved in the performing arts by letting them do what they are good at and facilitating them with everything that is needed for this.

Core values

Ownership means taking responsibility, ensuring that processes run smoothly. Be involved in the assignments and in our company. In this we are able to make our own choices and take responsibility.

Honesty stands for reliable, sincere, openness and transparency. Customers get to see what we do and how we make things. It is important within our company that knowledge is shared with each other. That everyone is sincere about it and deals with it reliably. This also means that ignorance is discussed with each other and can be discussed with each other. Actively asking for and giving support is a form of honesty.

We work with a lot of humor and fun. And we are proud of our company and what we make. We think it is important that our customers and employees are too. But most of all, we want them to be proud of themselves. And on what they do and achieve together.

Visible in our company is the yardstick against which we measure everything. Is what we do and we communicate visibly. The results achieved are visible and visibly better.

Not Traditional
We strive to do things differently than usual. This forces us to think about what and how we do things without falling into a rut. Coming up with other solutions and alternatives leads to creativity that takes customers to a higher level.

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