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Bibo Show

An appealing music and dance show for children, based on well-known Dutch children's songs in a different way, more of today. Do you feel like doing crazy, singing, jumping and dancing with parents and grandparents?

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Bibo is a duck dinosaur, a fantasy animal (a dino and unicorn) that feels different from all other animals. Bibo doesn't really know: is he a dino or a unicorn? Could he be a monster? Or is he monstrously sweet? His mom is a dino and his dad a unicorn, or is it the other way around? He lives in two worlds, which is nice but sometimes difficult, but everyone thinks Bibo is also very special, tough and sweet at the same time.

Bibo has boyfriends and girlfriends, he likes playing football, but also baking cookies. Bibo wants to act tough, but also like to be sweet. In any case, Bibo likes to sing, dance and act crazy. Bibo's favorite colors are of course the rainbow. Bibo dreams of romping around, but also of horseback riding. Everyone can identify with Bibo.

Everyone loves Bibo.

In Dutch and Belgian theaters 2022/2023

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