We support and facilitate creative people who are engaged in performing arts. With its own production house, recording studio and distribution, the possibilities are endless!

Rock Inc. Entertainment
Our main concern is helping artists. We develop productions and theater shows and can also plan full concert tours.
Rock Inc. Recording
The studio is especially praised by the atmosphere of "A Sort of Homecoming" and the musical qualities of the engineers.
Rock Inc. Distribution
"Independent Artists Unite!" Is our motto. By joining forces, Rock Inc. Distribution offers for you a stable distribution partner.
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Our Team | Powered by Creativity!

Bart van Geleuken | Owner, Productionmanager, Composer

Bart van Geleuken

Executive Producer | Composer
Organizes your tour, looks after your business interests and develops productions.
Joss Mennen | Owner, Label Manager, Producer, Composer

Joss Mennen

Producer | Composer | Label Manager
Records and produces your music and arranges physically and digitally distribution.
Mirjam Sieben | Social Media Marketing Strateeg

Mirjam Sieben

Social Media Marketing Strategist
Helps maximize your social media efforts and knows how to expand your fan base.
Eddy Scurovskis | AV Specialist

Eddy Scurovskis

AV Specialist | Videographer
Helps you to make your band promotions and video clips from concept to implementation.

What Customers Say

  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band

    John Lingwood

    Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    During a day off during the tour, I recorded a number of fine drum sessions. I was very happy with the DW drum kit and the sound.
  • Jan Philipsen

    ex-Bassplayer Rowwen H├ęze
    I wanted to spice up my book reading with a few songs. Rock inc. Recording took care of the arrangements and recordings. Nice work!
  • The production of my rock opera is quite a complex musical process. At Rock Inc. Recording I hereby experience that "flexibility" and "appreciation for me as an artist" are important. That feels very familiar!
  • Hanssi Kaiser

    Hanssi Kaiser Schlagershow
    We wanted to enter the theater, that was our message. Super well supervised and the show was like a house. Compliments!
  • Destiny Unknown

    Eric Steyvers

    Destiny Unknown
    You can see that musicians work here and no buttons turners. The album has become even better than expected.
  • Ivory Time

    Sjors Buitenkamp

    Ivory Time
    In a pleasant creative environment not only the songs are recorded. You will also be coached to bring out the best in you.
  • John van Heugten

    Millennium Trilogy Project
    During the preparation and recording of my first solo album the men from Rock Inc. appear Recording a huge support and welcome. Both organizationally and creatively they help me to achieve the maximum result!

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