Project Fear is a female fronted progressive metal band from the Netherlands!

The unique combination of the musicians , who have been around in the Dutch music scene for quite a while in different fields of music are serving a high quality landscape of sound and atmosphere. Leaning on strong metal riffs or symphonic keyboard arrangements, female vocalist Debby Deberath‘s powerfull voice completes the reckognisable sound of Project Fear.

They recently finished the recordings of their album “I Scream For Vengeance” and captured 11 songs, all written by John Rovers (guitars) in the Rock Inc. Recording Studio, Weert (NL)

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SUNLIGHT “My Own Truth” /Pit-Art CD/ The first full-length album by Greek Hard'n'Heavy/Power Metal band. Hard Rock sound, combined with Heavy and Power Metal elements, reflects the band's many different influences. A strong rhythm section, melodic guitars, leading keyboards, and wide-range vocals deliver nine songs full of cool riffs, catchy melodies and memorable choruses. Attractive vocal melodies, combined with grooving beats and thrilling solos, are the most powerful features of the album. For fans of: Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Helloween! - Metal - total Metal - 06-05-15
The second full-length album by Ukrainian Extreme Dark/Gothic Metal band. Love, hate, pain, fear, suffering and happiness – everything aforesaid would be buried in oblivion, sooner or later... The new release of Mizantropia narrates all about the acuteness of feelings and emotions experienced by us during our life and at the same time about theirs inevitable dilatory withering with the course of time. The sound of the album took a more heavy and aggressive form, retaining the lyricism and the tragedy of the early work of the band. The album embodies Extreme Gothic Metal with splashes of Doom, Dark, Black and Melodic Death Metal. Bright female soprano changing with desperate scream - like the two sides of the same soul, telling of the way to the inevitable and unavoidable. Ones it's energetic and hard, next it's viscous and languid guitar riffs, flavored with incredible beauty keyboard passages, create the melodies sinking down forever in the heart. In addition to the basic 9 tracks on CD, there is pleasant and unpredictable surprise represented by 2 bonus tracks, one of them is a cover version of the song of Russian Pop Diva Alla Pugacheva. This CD is strongly recommended for "dark" music genre fans, as well as fans of: In Flames, Draconian, Insomnium and Moonspell!! - Metal - Metal Scrap Records - 06-05-15
Eclats   Artwork WEB
French extreme progressive metallers Orakle are back with a new, long-awaited album, seven years after their now cult “Tourments & Perdition”! Seven years that allowed the band to build a very personal and audacious album, where Arcturus and Emperor-inspired black metal from the beginning merges with a more experimental and dissonant metal, with some prog rock influences and French-only lyrics. For fans of Opeth, Enslaved, Leprous, Virus… - Progressive Metal - Apathia Records - 06-05-15



At Rock Inc. Entertainment we use maximum creativity in our projects. We don't take the common road but occasionaly we look to the left and right. Whether the recording of a song/CD, composing or arranging existing work. But also the distribution and promotion. We also facilitate the musician with a fully equipped rehearsal studio.


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