Crysella Records focus on Gothic, Symphonic, Metal, and Electro/Industrial releases.

Main goal of Crysella Records is to support the scene and to bring it’s signings into more respective exposure. Integrate them into the company’s solid worldwide distribution channels, in both sides of the atlantic and including asia pacific, with its strategic marketing and promotional activities, skillfully combining a particular part of typical independent label with maximum intensity of professionalism.

The new BloYaTop album, titled "Fever" will be out in January 2016 on Snakebite Records .
Check out the following video for a preview.
NettleCarrier consist of three veterans from the norwegian Black Metal scene. Ciekals, known from his works with Djevel and Ljå, Mannevond from Koldbrann and Djevel, and at last Dirge Rep from his many involvements in Orcustus, Djevel, ex-Enslaved etc. The band started out with Ciekals and Mannevond back in 2005, before Dirge Rep joined in 2007 when the band released their debut EP “To Strangle the Hero in Heaven”. After being on hiatus for a few years, the band once again gathered forces and released the selftitled debut in 2012 on Indie Recordings. The album was supposed to be their last, to focus more on Djevel, where all the members are also involved. But as it turns out, NettleCarrier has instead become the outlet for more creativity from the members, where they are more divided in the songwriting process, and follow a more intense and wilder shape of norwegian Black Metal. “Black Coffin Rites” is the second fullength album, to be released in March/April 2015!
Djevel Saa
With hard work and genuine dedication, Djevel has come to the third chapter of their career. “Saa Raa og Kald” is another gem in the bands discography, maintaining their trademark of traditional early 90s sounding norwegian black metal, fusing the raw sound with ominous melodic passages. The band still have the same line-up as on their previous album “Besatt av Maane og Natt”, with T. Ciekals (guitar), E. Hjelvik (vocals), Mannevond (bass) and Dirge Rep (drums), sporting some of the finest and most skilled members of the norwegian metal scene from bands as Kvelertak, Koldbrann, Nettlecarrier, Orcustus etc, and with many, many years of experience within the dark arts.



At Rock Inc. Entertainment we use maximum creativity in our projects. We don't take the common road but occasionaly we look to the left and right. Whether the recording of a song/CD, composing or arranging existing work. But also the distribution and promotion. We also facilitate the musician with a fully equipped rehearsal studio.


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